(Program) The PDX Vendorship Program

Students will gain valuable work experiences and skills, while supporting vendors during one full market (Wednesdays) a week. High School students will undergo a competitive application process to be matched with a vendor. In addition, students will take part in weekly night classes that feature expert presenters and will help students develop their communication, marketing, accounting, management, analytic and sales skills in order to apply these skills to projects for their vendor.

We value being an inclusive and diverse program. In order to make sure all students can participate in this transformative learning, work and leadership experience, this program is free to students and snacks during the markets will be covered. 

Organization: Five Years In
Duration: Wednesday afternoons, June 13th - August 1, 2018
Eligibility: High School Students in the Portland area
Cost: Free
Apply: https://www.fiveyearsin.com/pdx-vendorship-program/
Application deadline: 5/15/18