(Program) TRU Youth Leadership Intensive

This 5-day intensive workshop is for teens aged 14-18 who want to develop their leadership capacity, build new friendships, impact their communities, and have fun doing it! Teens will engage in creative activities to increase personal power, find their unique gifts, build communication skills, strengthen relationship and facilitate conflict within themselves and in groups.

We support youth in their own leadership by teaching them to believe in their innate creativity, to appreciate internal and external diversity and to forge real relationships across differences. We teach them the skills they will need in order to recognize, work with and resolve conflict.


  • Find their authentic power, creativity and talent
  • Get along with differences and power dynamics
  • Feel comfortable with a wide range of diversity
  • Develop confidence
  • Deal with bullying and become an engaged bystander
  • Develop grit and fortitude through struggle and obstacle
  • Learn real-life conflict facilitation skills
  • Be the change they wish to see

Organization: Process Work Institute & Teens Rise Up
Duration: July 16-20, 2018
Eligibility: Teens aged 14-18
Cost: $395; scholarships available
Apply: http://www.processwork.edu/public-programs/tru-leadership-intensive/