(Externship) Build the Skill set of a Marketing Professional

Scott Bush is Chief Marketing Officer for Athletic.net and seeks to mentor a student in the areas of marketing, communications and PR. The student and Scott will break down core marketing philosophies and trends, brainstorm potential campaigns, then build a marketing campaign that can be put into practice. Skill focus: marketing, strategy development, branding, PR, design and implementation, project management and analysis. Mentorship: 1x per week 2-hour meeting in-peron, email check-ins and communication.

(Externship) Build the Skill set of a Marketing Professional
Organization: Athletic.net
Duration: 4-6 weeks between the months of June and August (flexible start/end date)
Eligibility: High School Students in the Portland area
Cost/Compensation: Free/Unpaid
Apply: Email Scott Bush with a letter of interest and resume or personal website/Linkedin