(Externship/Independent Project) Build a Website

A few years back Shashi built a website translating religious scripts from Sanskrit/Hindi to English. It was built on Joomla. Unfortunately the site was compromised and had to be taken down. There is a full backup and database of the content. Shashi would like to set the site back up on Wordpress with similar styling and content. This short internship is made for someone who has web design skills that they'd like to exercise on a real project that will help a small community of people. This can be an online gig which you can do from home, or we can meet a few times per week until it's done.

Duration: Flexible start/end date
Eligibility: High School preferred, but College Students may apply
Compensation: $100 or an Android Tablet- your choice
Application deadline: 6/15/2018
Apply: Email Shashi at skjain2@gmail.com with a sample of a website you've made and some information on your working style (do you collaborate or need a design document, etc). You may send a link or a screenshot. I'll choose an applicant that fits my needs, but will reply to everyone that applies!